tori zero nft collection


About The Tori Zero NFT Collection

“Building from the bottom-up, from pieces to the final form Mega, we present to you the creation of Tori Zero, the newest soldiers for the RED LAB Metaverse. This collection is constructed with revolutionized concepts underlying ACGN culture (Animation, Comic, Game, and Novels).”

So what is this RED LAB Metaverse?
RED LAB is a team of game developers and designers who are inspired by the concept of metaverse.

According to the co-founders, James Wildbore & Benjamin, RED LAB is,
A trendy brand incubator.
An IP manufacturing factory in Metaverse.
A community with a mass innovation culture.

Tori Zero road map and further details

Launch the “REDLAB Creators” community program to unite 30 outstanding KOLs, Artists, novelist and celebrities

Mint of Tori Zero in April, 2022

Physical collaboration with top fashion brands worldwide, artwork giveaway to Torzi Zero holders. Unique Tori Zero NFT auction for charity with the top auction house 3M high Sculptures production

Release of community wallet to support ”mass innovation program”

Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong galleries of physical works, figurines, and more. Animated series production that roots in REDLAB Metaverse

Airdrop NFT collections of other RED LAB characters to Tori Zero holders

The animation will be broadcasted on the world’s top media platforms

Bring original and community-made characters to the metaverse game.
Tori Zero DAO
Tori Zero will strive to implement our own decentralized autonomous system, as the foundation of the long-term development of the project. A part of the project's revenue will go to Treasury, and our autonomous governance allows the community to decide how the funds will be distributed.

Tori will also continue to collaborate with more artists and trendsetters nominated by our community in the form of an autonomous governance system
Tori Zero Airdrop
Airdrop of collective figures and other variants to Tori ZERO holders will happen periodically over time. Airdrop tickets for offline showcases that will be held in 2022 throughout Asia, including Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, as well as European regions such as London.
Following the spirit of decentralized geekery, RED LAB is committed to building the most special hipster brand in the Asian meta-universe, combining collectible figures, Streetwear, graffiti, etc, to continuously create value for the community members. Tori Zero is the first ticket to enter RED LAB!