shell rebels nft collection


About The Shell Rebels NFT Collection

Shell Rebels is a collection of 10k bad-ass turtles living on the Ethereum blockchain with a mission to raise awareness and donate profits for a cleaner ocean. With these unique (400+ traits) high-resolution artworks, we want to set up a community with other like-minded NFT and turtle lovers.

After millions of years of evolution, it’s time for a revolution. Why? Ancient turtles have outlived any other species globally and are not planning to become extinct just because of human trash, like plastic and other toxins. That’s why we created a new generation of brave survivors who are no longer hiding in their shells. They’re called: The Shell Rebels. These badasses rise fearlessly to the surface to see the digital daylight of the OpenSea. There is nothing that can stop them anymore. So why not join them? 

Shell Rebels road map and further details

We are taking a deep dive into the NFT world, looking for Rebels who like our playful turtles AND want to restore faith in humanity *holds breath overexcited*.

We are not going to be SHELLfish ;). We will open an idea-box where you can add your own suggestions, such as turtle adoption, virtual events, mini games, exclusive artworks or whatever you Rebels like! As a shelly on top, a few (special) digital avatars will be airdropped to early adopters.


Everybody, crawl out of your shell, the sale is open! We start with a whitelist sale (0.05 ETH) for our most dedicated Rebels. After that, the public can join the minting event (0.08 ETH). Next, we will do a big reveal showing everyone their reckless Shell Rebels.


We are not crying, you are crying :’). You Rebels are the best! As promised, 10% of all primary sales will be donated to charities, partly chosen by you – the community. By the Shell Rebels, for all turtles.


The mission continues and we’re just getting started! We look forward to expanding the project along with our community to realize even greater ambitions. With art, fun and rebellion, the future is bright.

10.000 Shell Rebels on the Ethereum blockchain
Once upon a time, there were 100 nests containing 100 turtle eggs each. They were born and raised to eventually rebel on the blockchain. To bring them to life, our artist Inez embodied all of them (you go girl!) into a set of 10k legendary digital collectibles. Unique, because of their 440 custom made traits. Each turtle has different expressions, headwear, tattoos, colors, accessories and many more characteristics. Raising awareness because some are still trapped in rests of lousy plastic. Rebels, because they have the courage to stand up and let their shelves be seen!
Why buy a rebel?
First of all, it’s high-resolution artwork. You’ll have a provably rare piece of art in your wallet, while also making the NFT space more bold and charismatic. Second, it’s “high-revolution”, since 10% of all primary sales will be donated to support turtles in desperate need. Shell Rebels will showcase that you care about a better world. Last but not least, you can proudly join our community and be part of this revolution. The more Shell Rebels we bring to life, the stronger we can make our stand!
Our mission
As colorful and fun as our Shell Rebels may seem, they represent real turtles. This is our way to raise awareness on serious issues such as turtle well-being, pollution, and climate change. Obviously, the first step is to sell-out. Next, we can make a difference by donating 10% of all these primary sales to charities, chosen by the community. Let’s shake up the OpenSea together!