Fully-fledged NFT agency on the internet

There are multiple NFT agencies on the internet with the hype of the NFTs and the blockchains. The majority of them specialize in marketing or promotion, while only a tiny part of them are into creating NFTs. NFT Djinn is primarily into creating NFTs. We are the creators.

NFT Designing

Where everything begins. This is the longest & the most crucial part of this whole process. In this stage, we create your artwork/design or the base layer according to how you wish. Unlimited revisions are guaranteed until you are satisfied with the design. Whether it is a Bored Ape(2D design) or Hape Beast(3D design) doesn’t matter; we create any type of 2D or 3D design.

Once we are done with the base layer, we will move into the next step of completing the traits. It can be 10 or 1,000. We will finalize all the necessary traits for your NFT collection.

NFT Design

Only the beginning
$ 3,000
  • 3D/2D Design​
  • Collection generation
  • Rarity Intergration
  • Metadata
  • Free Promotional GIF

NFT Generator

Your Artwork
$ 1,000
  • Collection Generation
  • Rarity Intergration
  • Metadata

NFT Generation

Generation of the NFT collection. We will randomly combine the base layers and the traits together using a program. Although it is random, necessary rarities will be assigned to the artwork according to your preferences. Metadata for the collection will also be fulfilled in this stage. If you chose NFT Design service this step is free of charge.

If you already have the artwork and the design and you don’t know how to generate your collection, then this is for you.

Smart Contract & Dapp

There are so many NFT agencies out there that create smart contracts. We do the same too, nothing less, nothing more. The only difference would be the pricing. Here, we upload all the generated NFTs to the IPFS and deploy the collection contract.

Our developers will create and deploy the minting dapp along with the web3 landing page at this stage. Smart contract integration with the dapp and wallet integration will also occur.

Smart Contract

Final Piece
$ 1,500
  • Smart Contract
  • Minting Dapp
  • Mint Website

All In One

All the wishes come true
$ 4,000
  • NFT Design, Smart Contract & Generator
  • Advanced Discord Server Setup
  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Instagram Account Setup
  • Free Listing on NFT Djinn Featured NFTs

All In One

If you are searching for all the services at once with a discount, this is for you. All in one package consist of all the services mentioned above. Plus, you get the social media package along with this for free.

Along these, project will be added to NFT Djinn NFT calendar for free until the mint date.