About The Moonwalkers NFT Collection

Moonwalkers is a collection of unique collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our vision is to create a community of like-minded people where value is shared and opportunities are endless.

“Mooonwalkers” is NFT collection by world-renowned 3D artist Liam Pannier who has over 100k followers across major platforms. Liam Pannier is specialized in space artwork that sells for thousands of dollars.

You have to be a whitelist to mint from moonwalkers collection and a whitelist person can only mint to NFTs at once. Collection is build on We are using the Ethereum’s latest ERC721-A in order to decrease the gas fees.

Moonwalkers road map and further details

Minting and Releasing of the NFT collection to the public.

Your art will finally come out of your wallet and come to life! holders will be able to claim a free printed artwork of their own NFT straight after the reveal. The piece of art will come with a signed certificate and a statement of authenticity.

Release of the first merch collection of the Moonwalkers for holders only. From hoodies, to t-shirts and hats.

Offer tickets to our holders for the NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles or Greator Festival in Cologne featuring Gary Vee (regarding where you live) next July. The Moonwalkers holders will take advantage of hours of invaluable content, knowledge and network with entrepreneurs, artists, NFT collectors, and web3 enthusiasts.

The Moonwalkers team will give to one of you the opportunity to discover the wonders of weightlessness. You’ll have access to the Parabolic Flight in Tampa, Florida or Bordeaux, France (piloted by Thomas Pesquet). For one hour, the pilot makes a series of parabolas with breaks in between.

It is sometimes important to know how to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to enjoy quality time with like-minded people. Therefore, we will invite all holders to our private NFT gallery. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to network, build an even stronger Moonwalkers family and of course have fun. The first party will be held in Bali.

Virtually stroll through the artworks of renowned artists in our Metaverse Moonwalkers Art Gallery. The exhibition will be exclusive to our community and the artworks will be designed by some of the greatest space artists. Immerse yourself in a new world that transcends a mere gallery. You will have the opportunity to discuss with renowned artists and buy the displayed artworks as unique NFT pieces.