monster evolve nft collection

Monster Evolve

About The Monster Evolve NFT Collection

“Monster Evolve is an NFT collection that includes 8888 Monsters on the Ethereum blockchain. Monster evolve is more than NFT our goal is a long term, thriving community built around Monster Evolve that can grow into a full-fledged group that will help new projects in Metasociety “

Whitelist mint: 24th May 15:00 UTC | Duration: 24 hours | Supply: 6,666 | Price 0.04 ETH | 3 per wallet.
Public mint: 25th May 16:00 UTC Supply: 2,222 + remaining | Price 0.06 ETH | 3 per wallet
Reveal: 2 Days after Public mint

Evolve monster NFT collection consist of 10 types of monster races as below.

Aquatic Race
They live wherever they want and are able to breathe on the shore, but in general are completely helpless outside the liquid. At depth have the ability to change the temperature and direction of water flow, are responsible for the tides, as well as for plumbing violations. Not squeamish to scamper / climb / move in the sewers and fountains, collecting coins. They cause more problems than good, but everyone has become accustomed to these watery phenomena.
Goblin Race
If the city is noble, quiet, clean, and trusted by all, as well as the absence of criminal incidents, members of this race feel the atmosphere of tranquility and crawl to it as to the sweet nectar, drinking the calm atmosphere without a trace, or, if they are lucky, take a bite and sip only a portion, then go in search of nice untouched by disorder places.
Race of Space Dogs
Space dogs are smarter than most humanoids and Homo sapiens. Originally humanoids lived in cities near the forests and crater dens of space dogs, but humans began to come to the dogs so often to warm and cuddle that they domesticated them. Since then, representatives of space dogs have bred billions of creatures called "humans" in many solar systems.
The population of the planet's "big trimmer." Its surface is filled with corn, which is the main source of nutrition, thanks to which the Barasa has such a resilient and thick coat. There is a dark side to this nutrition - the coat grows in a matter of moments, becomes heavy and interferes with free movement, working in corn offices and grooming. They donate all their clipped wool to barasa bases in neighboring solar systems, where domesticated sheep homo sapiens live. They shave the Barasa representatives completely free of charge and give them an unlimited supply of corn, which the Barasa people send back to their planet.
Cloud Race
Anything that can become a cloud — gas, dust, fluff, liquid, and even cloud cotton candy — is moderated by this race in monster evolve NFT collection. If your cream for the cake is not whipped enough, it indicates that the moderator of your life capsule is out for coffee. Don't panic: on a second attempt, your creamer will turn out as usual.
Double Bottoms
Everything these characters broadcast has a double meaning: if you clearly see or hear one thing, you are 100% likely not to believe it. Whether it's an invitation to sit on a "soft" couch, jump in a "warm" pool, take a "free" treat, or receive a "sincere" compliment, it's all a game of this race. They eat your confusion by seasoning it with hot sauce. What do you see? Children's toys or a bdsm costume?
Slime Race
They have no skeleton as well as their own internal "core". When communicating with other species, they take a form and opinion, as close as possible to the qualities of the interlocutor. Transparent both outwardly and in their intentions to please everyone. Not suitable for close friendship, as mimicry and fixated on themselves. The attention and powers of this race are completely taken over by their status. They envelop, charming, and sucking the trust to the last drop, boring the interlocutor and taking his self. With every successful attempt to eat individuality, a representative of this race grows in size.
The Mud Race
The masters of destiny. The ones who control your date, your mood after breakfast on the go, your relationship with your neighbors and your children. There isn't a spot or a puddle that this race doesn't control-accurately, precisely, second by second, they program every drop of ketchup to fall on your new blond dress. One possible twist of fate: In four days, when you pick up your dress from the dry cleaners, you will meet the stray purebred puppy you've dreamed of all your life and he will become your very best friend. The program is unavoidable and unbreakable.
Royal Race
hey have fine taste and countless riches, which came from their ancestors of unknown origin. In reality, they are not interested in the origin of the inheritance, but they tell everyone that they keep the secret of the dynasty and thus produce a more and more boring and lazy generation than the previous one. Representatives of the race lose their savings uncontrollably through indifference, which is taken advantage of by the nimble inhabitants of other civilizations. The more representatives of a given race on the territory of a state, the richer it is. And since the race has almost no interest in anything, they cannot be attracted or lured away, confounding researchers with the question, "How do these creatures choose where to live? It's a matter of luck.
The Farmer Race
Red ferythogs? Please. Tailed pentipedes with asymmetrical spots? Piece of cake! Nothing is impossible for this race. Genetic engineering in tandem with curiosity has given the world around farmers a multitude of animal and plant species. One difficulty is the conservatism of those who order species supplies: All they want is big pumpkins and cows with short legs. What a bore.