how to promote nft on twitter

When it comes to NFT promotion we all know that twitter is the best place to promote your NFTs. But, how to promote NFT on twitter, why promoting NFTs on twitter is better; more importantly how do those paid media agencies promote these non fungible tokens on twitter better than us. With the massive competition going on in NFT markets, let’s see how to promote NFT on twitter in 2022.


If you are an owner or a designer or even a promoter of an NFT collection, you already know that twitter is the best place to promote NFT collections. Before we learn about how to promote NFT on twitter, let’s learn about why we need to use twitter for NFT promotions.

  • There is huge support towards NFTs from twitter
  • Largest NFT community is on twitter
  • High quality followers compared to the other social media platforms (When it comes to NFTs).
  • You can run paid media advertisements for NFTs.
  • And most importantly Twitter spaces


Now we know why it is important and why it is a must to have a twitter account, if you are planning to promote your NFT collections on twitter. These are the steps you can follow to get more reach, more followers for your NFT collection on twitter.

Cover Image

Create an eye catching cover for your twitter account. It shouldn’t be stuffed with all the details of your NFT collection. Make a minimalistic cover that clearly demonstrates your artwork/design, or even the name of your NFT collection is enough.

Twitter Blue

If you have the ability to spend a few extra bucks per a month, then buying twitter blue subscription would definitely help your NFT collection to grow on twitter. This will allow you to display your NFT as an NFT instead of an image(JPEG), by connecting your wallet with your twitter account. This will display your NFT as a hexagonal-shaped image and by clicking the profile picture, others will be able to find out more details about the NFT collection.

Follow Others

Another good strategy to build your audience. Keep following accounts that you think will help you to reach more people. There are many NFT collectors on twitter, that have a huge following just because they are collectors. Reach them, pitch your collection to them. You have nothing to lose just by reaching them right?. Build your audience, connections, keep trying.

Use Of Hashtags

Use hashtags to easily reach NFT collectors and enthusiasts, who are actively searching for new NFT projects. For new NFT collections on twitter you can use following hashtags to get more reach.




Make a # of your own with your brand name/collection name. This will help to promote as well as to get an rough idea of how many people discovered your collection by simply typing your # in the twitter search bar.

NFT Giveaways On Twitter

Giving away a few NFTs or even whitelist spots will boost your NFT collection on twitter space. This will help you to increase the follower count as well as this will increase your reach rapidly.
To be eligible for the giveaway name some conditions; ask them follow your account, retweet them with your hashtag(#), tag their friends/followers etc.

Twitter Spaces

Ahh Finally, the most important answer for the question, “ how to promote NFT on twitter ? ”. This the simplest yet most effective action you can take to promote your NFT collection on twitter. Twitter spaces sometimes can make your NFT collection go viral overnight.

There are numerous NFT related twitter spaces that allow you to join their discussion and pitch your collection. Prepare a small speech including all the necessary information about your project, explain your road map. Basically make them believe what you are believing in. Join a few of these twitter spaces daily, pitch your project, you will have a huge following in no time. Consistency is the key.