Discoroos nft collection


About The Discoroos NFT Collection

Discoroos are an exclusive 10,000 NFT collection of groovy one of a kind Roos. It starts with some funky art and a love of good times. Find your Discoroo and use it as a nifty PFP, background, or hold long. Join a community-focused project that aims to grow. Much more than just a PNG, ownership will provide access to: some great merch, future use in our planned NFTWorld community and support charities chosen by the Discoroo members. Discoroos can be found in the wild on Opensea and live on the Polygon blockchain.

It's everyone's fantasy to be a character of their favourite TV show. Heck, we act like we are part of it! With our goofy avatars, you'll feel like you actually are a part of it! Stay tuned and alert by joining our discord and following us on our socials! Exciting stuff awaits.