deather nft


About The Deather NFT Collection

“They watched the world from another dimension. They are the guides on the Death trip. Guide a soul to the next world and fight a evil soul for guide them to the abyss.”

Deather NFT collection, is a unique hand drawn NFT collection stored on ethereum blockchain. Collection is listed on OpenSea.

Collection is created by SMMK an Digital artist based on Thailand. According to the roadmap by SMMK, the project is currently on phase 1, where 100 Deather NFTs will be minted. For the holders/owners of the deather collectible, following benefits will receive in the future.

  • Commercial Copyrights to all the holders.
  • Always have a giveaway event for holder.
  • Holder will participate in the design future of the project
  • Create clothing and toys product under DEATHER brand.
  • Holders to receive discounts for purchasing products.